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Above Food specialty ingredients are different.

Did you know that 93% of consumers say it’s important for brands and manufacturers to provide detailed information about what’s in food and how it’s made? Unfortunately, most food brands lack meaningful access to this type of information. Above Food Specialty Ingredients is different. We’re fully transparent and traceable in everything we do. Our customers know they’re making the right choice for themselves and the environment. With nature as our blueprint, we’re always evolving to do even more with our nutrient-dense, whole food ingredients grown through forward-thinking regenerative farming practices.


The first plant-based value chain with zero weak links.

Driving innovation from a global food technology and manufacturing base, we have custody and oversight of our proteins across every stage of the food production process.


High value regenerative ingredient platforms.

From pulses, flakes and groats to flours and liquids, we offer a diverse suite of ingredient solutions from nutritious crops grown using regenerative farming practices.

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Proprietary technology
& production platforms

Our global technology and manufacturing base enables us to deliver unparallel value to all customers in our value chain, including our own brands.

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