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February 26, 2022

Turning the Tide: Disrupting the Seafood Industry from the Plains and Prairies

What do you get when you bring together a farmer, a foodie, and a fisherman? Well, we’d say a pretty delicious and groundbreaking plant-based venture. One that’s vertically integrated, allowing for the creation of plant-based products that are more sustainable, nutritious, and accessible for everyone.

A fifth-generation farmer, Lionel Kambeitz, has long seen the power of plants and the need to better leverage them for the future of food, people, and the planet. Martin Williams, a CPG expert and biohacker, understands how to bring those plant-based products to market. Now with the help of Douglas Hines, founder of Atlantic Natural Foods (ANF), a market leader in plant-based seafood alternatives, meals, and egg replacements, Lionel and Martin are bringing these options to their vertically integrated plant-based platform – Above Food.

This partnership stems from the need for plant-based alternatives in seafood, an industry which is known for poor and unethical practices leading to a detrimental impact on the planet. In fact, fishing today is the greatest threat to marine wildlife and is responsible for wiping out 90% of the large fish population. Together Lionel, Martin, and Doug plan to disrupt the seafood industry by combining their vast skill set to produce farm-to-table, fully vertically integrated seafood alternative products.

What makes this partnership so unique is the ownership of the entire value chain. While providing transparency to consumers, the brands are able to drive the scale of change necessary in the food system. Above Food has begun integrating ANF’s scaled manufacturing facilities into its production ecosystem, adding a deep team of seasoned consumer packaged goods operators. This year marks an exciting year for us –– we’ll be bringing the best of ANF and Above Food with a portfolio of plant-based seafood products that will tackle any opportunities and gaps in the category.

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