Tyler West

Vice President of Origination and Regenerative Agriculture

Originally from the United States and now residing in Saskatchewan, Tyler West is a cofounder of Above Food and the chief executive officer of Purely Canada Foods (a wholly owned subsidiary of Above Food) headquartered in Lajord, Saskatchewan.

Tyler has spent the last decade building and developing ingredient merchandising businesses primarily focused in western Canada, home of the world’s best proteins. Largely focused on the early and middle stages of the protein supply chain, Tyler drives the initiative of identifying, isolating and moving proteins to strategic, business-to-business (B2B) customer partners around the globe. 

With its leadership team and directors across much of Canada, Purely Canada Foods has become a staple in pulses, cereals and oilseeds. All Above Food foods and ingredients start with a seed and are whole by nature’s design.

In 2016 Tyler and the cofounder group recognized the importance of supply chain integration and began constructing the core foundation and principles for the B2B division, focused on high value proteins through the Above Food advanced supply chain.

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