Disruptive Technologies for new foods

Manufacturing the food of the Future

We are at the forefront of industrial-scale production using 3D plant-based bioprinting technology. Our innovative approach creates healthy, sustainable, and personalized foods that taste great, optimizing resources and minimizing environmental impact. We are paving the way toward smarter, more accessible nutrition for everyone.

Transforming Food Production

We are revolutionizing food production through advanced 3D bioprinting and mechatronics. This innovation places Above Food at the forefront of future food production within the fully integrated value chain. By creating healthy, sustainable, and personalized foods, we optimize resources and minimize environmental impact. We lead the change towards smarter and more accessible nutrition for everyone.

With Innovation as our Flagship

Our cutting-edge technologies and innovative food development team allow us to bring highly differentiated products to market. As global pioneers in the manufacture and commercialization of plant-based bacon using 3D bioprinting, we can dramatically accelerate production timelines, achieving levels of efficiency and sustainability not possible with traditional methods. This process represents a significant advance in reducing our ecological footprint while delivering exceptional quality and taste.