Above Food Ingredient Centre

The Above Food Ingredient Centre offers groundbreaking technologies for cleaning, polishing, milling, blending and formulating, and delivers proprietary ingredient platforms to transform proteins into higher-value ingredients


State-of-the-art ingredient testing laboratory
Our dedicated ingredient testing laboratory enables us to test for quality, protein levels, sensory performance, and a variety of other aspects.

High-capacity colour sorting
Our onsite storage and high-throughput grading technology help to ensure that only high-quality pulses and grains make it into our final ingredients and products for customers.

Advanced cleaning and milling technologies
Our BRC AA-rated facility features advanced cleaning and milling capabilities to process a variety of grains and pulses into specialty ingredients such as gluten-free grains, flours, fibers, and starches.

Blending and bulk and retail packaging capabilities
Our on-site blending and packaging capabilities for both branded and private-label products allow us to ensure that only the most pure and fresh products make it to our customers.

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