Disruptive Agriculture, Made Whole.

The journey from seed to fork starts in the Earth, naturally.

The health of the Earth and the health of our bodies are connected. Doing right by one benefits the other, and this harmonious approach opens energetic new pathways for creating a dynamic, growth-oriented business model built for long-term success. Mission-driven and based on regenerative agriculture practices and sustainable food technologies, Above Food goes above the norm, above the expected, above preconceived notions of what it means to nourish well-being. Nothing is above nature. Within it, we are whole.


Regenerative agricultural practices prove their value.

Above Food's wholly owned subsidiary, Discovery Regenerative AgroScience, enables the integration of regenerative agriculture, advanced genetics, soil & seed genomics, plant nutrition & ag equipment technology that will yield healthy, whole nutritious foods, and improve soil health while supporting a healthier, sustainable world.Our ‘no till’ cultivation protocols are at the foundation of regenerative farming practices, and translates into carbon sequestration – at scale.For too long agriculture has been about taking. With a commitment to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), Above Food shifts that mindset and advances farming that gives renewed vitality to fields, farms, families and natural ecosystems.


Improved supply consistency

Our railway infrastructure, large grain storage terminals, private railcar fleet, and strategic farm acres provide reliability and agility to ensure the best possible service across the supply chain.


Unique geographic advantage

The vast Northern Plains of the United States and the Prairies of Western Canada are producing the World’s highest quality, naturally-grown, diverse new-proteins (13 crops).

Lentils, yellow peas, fava beans, green peas, chickpeas, quinoa and oats are the new staple super crops of modern, high-quality, plant-based protein foods.


Global disruptive agriculture distribution

We are the ingredients supplier to ingredient suppliers. Purely Canada Foods™, a wholly owned subsidiary of Above Food,  has cultivated long-standing relationships in our niche and boutique markets. We pride ourselves in providing the Purely Canada Foods™ branded products, sustainably and identity preserved for quality assurance.

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