Above Technology-old

Inspired by science,
guided by nature.

Above Food looks to nature as a blueprint for how to
continuously innovate, because just like nature
we’re constantly evolving and adapting to offer the best.

This is our laboratory

This is where we test the genetics, plant nutrition and cultivation techniques that form the foundation of our Identity Preserved protocols - Above Food IPEliteTM.

Proprietary texture and flavour technology

Our TXTexturized XtrusionTM and Precision FlavouringTM manufacturing technologies are purpose built to address the most important variables, taste and texture, in plant-based foods.

Above Innovation


Most plant-based meat products on the market are too soft and sensorially underwhelming, seldom resembling the animal-based meat they are trying to replicate. Through our TX Tech, we have created a convincingly meat-like texture with a superior sensory feel.


An extensive portfolio of flavours created explicitly for the plant-based food industry. These flavourings are all non-GMO, gluten free, soy free, nut free, vegan and all natural.


We extract the most nutritious compounds from protein sources while eliminating the ones our bodies do not need or cannot use. This streamlined approach makes for protein formulations that are more nutrient dense, more efficient and more cost effective.

Above Innovation Services

Micro Co-Manufacturing

Much more than an ingredient maker and a consumer brand, Above Food helps partners create original, market-ready finished foods, using a proven co-manufacturing model called BOOMS.

BOOMS stands for Build, Own, Operate, Manage and Supply. It is a ‘blackbox’ model of co-manufacturing whereby we set up our own micro-production facilities alongside or within existing customer facilities and deliver a captive supply of finished and semi-finished goods directly into the value chain for a tolling/licensing fee.

Our unique BOOMS model leverages our expertise in Protein Cultivation, TX Texturized Xtrusion Technology, and Precision Flavouring.