About Us

Welcome to Above Food, a delicious celebration of food that is real. Real ingredients. Real nutrition. Real flavour. Real transparency.

You see, at Above Food, we take care of every seed
from field to fork because we believe that knowing the whole
story of your food’s journey is important.

Our Vision

We strive for a healthier world,
One Seed, One Field, One Bite at a time.

Achieved with honesty, transparency and harmony with all life on our Earth.

We are guided by the
principle of being, not saying.


We tell the whole story.


We believe nothing is above nature.


We don’t take more from the earth than she can give.


We are always looking for knowledge.


We see the best in people.


We are inclusive.


We don’t rush nature’s process.

A high-growth,
fully verticalized

With complete custody of plant proteins across the value chain, we’re able to deliver food to our customers and consumers with unparalleled traceability, qualifiable sustainability, and superior nutrient density with advantages on cost.

Ready to disrupt

We’ve built a comprehensive platform across the food production value chain, to deliver unparalleled value to stakeholders from seed to fork.

World’s highest-quality new proteins

We source our ingredients and proteins, such as lentils, peas, fava beans, chickpeas and oats, from regions where the world’s highest-quality products are grown.